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Examples of Parts of Speech, Parts of English Speech

Examples of Parts of English Speech in the form of Table
Interjection Pronoun Conjunction Adjective Noun Verb Verb Noun Adverb
Well, he and young Qasim walk to bazar slowly.
Noun Verb Noun Adverb Noun Verb Adjective Noun  
Zahida speaks Urdu well. Zahida speaks good Urdu.  
Pronoun Verb Adjective Noun Conjunction Pronoun Verb Pronoun  
He likes big cakes but I hate them.  
Noun Verb Noun Adverb Noun Verb Adjective Noun  
Shaheen speaks English well. Marina speaks good Engllish.  
Pronoun Verb Noun     Noun Verb Adjective Noun
I love mangoes.     Animals like kind people.
Verb Noun Verb     Noun Verb Verb  
Stop| Saifullah works.     Saifullah is working.  
Pronoun Verb Preposition Adjective Noun Adverb      
He runs to the airport quickly.      

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